At WinSouls we provide the best tulsa motivational preacher in the whole Tulsa area! We focus on being lead by the word of God and spread the love of Jesus. We would love to connect with you through our videos, books, and merchandise. We love to share our stories to you to build that bond. We want you to have a real relationship with God. With Him by your side, nothing is impossible! Whether you live in Tulsa or not, our online services are easily accessible anywhere anytime, just one click away!

WinSouls and our best tulsa motivational preacher are here for you, whenever you need us. If you need some prep talk before going to work today, connect your phone to the speaker in your car and let one of our motivation preachers light up that fire in you so you will show up to work energized and ready to rock! If you are a stay a home mom needing to hear some encouragement to make sure you know you are doing a great job, even though the kids are screaming, the play room is a mess and dinner is almost burnt… we will tell you how much the kids love and need you, how noble of a job you are doing and you should never beat yourself up for that. If at night you are sitting in front of the TV browsing channels but not really have anything catching your eye, put on our channel and hear the word of gospel and know that your struggle, your fight right now is only temporary. You will rise above and you will thrive and have a better life. As long as you keep on fighting!

Our best tulsa motivational preacher are truly the top of what we do. Jeff, who was the founder of WinSouls, has all the heart and passion to help others into fullfilling their divine purpose. We keep the video short and easy to comprehend. It is there for the sole purpose of helping you get through the day easier and without having to struggle. We strive for spiritual freedom and everyone deserves that! Most people spend their whole entire life looking for their spiritual freedom yet they struggle or let their emotion get in the way.

Jeff had lived his life running away from God from when he was little all the way to college. Jeff lived in a Christian household. But going to church with his family is just the checkbox marked off on the to-do checklist every week. He didn’t receive anything because he did not open his heart to God. Fortunately, in college he has met his mentor who spoke the truth into his life and through his mentor Jeff was able to hear from God and be led by God. From that point on, Jeff was dedicated to hope others like his mentor had helped him. He started to going on around college campus, to speak to people about the love of God and to try to help them overcoming their demons. Eventually he found his passion and he cannot let that go anymore. There comes WinSouls. He is reaching a lot more people through the online channels, and testimonies has been amazing.

Through our message, you will gain that extra push from God that you need, you will hear exactly what you need to hear, and have a better sense of direction of where to go next in life. Do not worry! At WinSouls We understand how hard the struggle is and how impossible it is to do it alone. Good news is, you will never have to do it alone because WinSouls is here for you! Visit us at, or contact us at 918-766-9673. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Winsouls is where it lies the best Tulsa motivational preacher online services. At Winsouls, our sole mission is to bring people closer to Christ Through our services. We believe in by having a deeper relationship with God, we are pushing people to move forward and overcome their struggles in life. We are inspiring people through our podcasts to motivate them to constantly keep that drive in them and live for that divine purpose that God created for them.

At Winsouls we provide the best Tulsa motivational preacher through our online services. If you are someone who is looking for something to keep you occupied, help you stay motivated, pick you up whenever you are down, encourage you when you are feeling trapped, hold you accountable when you are not feeling on the top of your game… look no further cause Winsouls is just for you! We are called Win-Soul because we are touching souls, where it counts, where all the most beautiful things happen. Life is busy, life is fast-paced. If we intentionally invest in ourselves constantly, the true difference will reveal in time. Our service does just that! It’s an investment you make for yourselves, and in return, you will receive more than you can imagine, and in ways you didn’t even see it coming!

At Winsouls we have the best tulsa motivational preacher and we trust each other. We want to make sure that our audiences feel comfortable listening to us just like they are listening to a friend or family. We want to be that voice who you look for when you needs help in life. The only way through is to obey God and WinSouls teaches you just how to keep that pump in you going. One of the best preachers we have, Jeff, tells you his personal stories and testimonies to help you navigate through life. He will be there for you as your friend and mentor, guides you to reach the next stage in your life. Jeff speaks the truth from the word of the God in his videos. He touches people by staying authentic, truthful, honest and vulnerable. He lets you know that it is not so scary stepping out of the shells and being better. He makes sure that you know you are not alone.

WinSouls provides many different services. For people who find their comfort through books, we provide various options for books for all age groups. People nowadays tend to read a lot less, instead everything is digitalized. However sometimes the most meaningful moments can only be found through reading a actual tangible book. Through our books, we want to make sure they are there for you to reflect and relate to. They are meant to be used as a guideline for you to utilize freely. Besides our books we are most known for our YouTube channels. This is where thousands’ hearts are touch, through our podcast. Even though we are one screen away, our hearts connect closely as we want to walk with you in your journeys.

If you would visit us at Winsouls.Net, click on one of our videos, let us speak to you and connect with you, I promise you your life will be changed! Call us at 918-766-9673 if you have any questions. We are always here for you! We cannot wait to hear from our fellow sons and daughters of God!