Welcome to our ministries page. We are so excited that you have found this page. On this page you will discover all the different ways that God is using us to reach people all over the world. We want to know that we have been very intentional in the ways that we have chosen to engage in sharing the message of Jesus Christ. As we look across our culture, we see that there are several ways that you truly can have an impact on someone’s life. The first is through the content that they consume. So many people are going on YouTube and watching videos. So many of these videos truly do not have the quality of content that you want people to consume. So much of it is negative. Because of that, we are intentional to make sure that we are creating quality YouTube content to the point people to Jesus. Second, we are writing books. People are still buying and reading books these days. We wanted to make sure that we put our story into a book so that it could be read and used by people to lead others to Jesus. Additionally, we are always ready to come out and speak to you and your team or your congregation. We truly believe that this gives us the opportunity to build relationships and speak into your lives in ways that can be specific and tangible for you. Finally, we have a merchandise ministry. We truly view this as a ministry. We believe it can be a catalyst. When someone sees merchandise that points people to Jesus, then many times it can trigger something in their mind so that they choose to take the next step. If our merchandise section accomplishes this, then we truly are accomplishing our mission.


Our YouTube channel is something that we are very passionate about. We keep looking all across the content that is available for people to consume, and we are amazed at how much blatant content there is that is not only bad for people to consume, but also that directly goes against the word of God. We want to be a catalyst that creates content that can encourage people and build them up and help lead them to Jesus. We want to be a catalyst in this world that truly voices the truth that can be found in the Bible. We will not stay silent. We will not back down to criticism. We will not let the naysayers control what we do and the message that we choose to share. We will be a light in the darkness. As it says in Matthew 5:16, “Let your light so shine before men that they might see your good deeds and praise God in heaven.” This is why we exist. We want the world to see God in and through us. We know that when people see God in us, then the result will be them bringing glory to him and to his name.

Online Minister Owasso | Book Ministry


Even though people are reading far less today than they ever have in history, books are still being consumed by people and they are having an impact on lives. We wanted to find a place where we get our entire story down on paper, so that someone could pick that up and see that they are not alone. We truly believe that the books that we write and the content that we create through books, will have a great impact. One of the things that has had a huge impact on our lives is when a friend or a mentor or someone gave us a book that had an impact on their life. If our book has a positive impact on your life, then we hope you will share it with someone else. This is one of the hopes that we have for our books. As you read them and they impact the way that you live and how you relate to Jesus, that you will in turn give them to someone else and help the ripple effects to continue. We have a story. God is working in our story. We do not want to be silent about what He is doing. Take the time to read our books. We are confident that it will have an impact on your life and lead you closer to Jesus.

Online Minister Owasso | Speaking Ministry


Welcome to our speaking section. This is an important ministry to us because it actually allows us to physically be with people that we can have an impact on. While we absolutely love being able to create our YouTube channel and write books, this is perhaps one of our favorite parts of what we get to do. When we get to come and speak face-to-face with you and your team in your congregation, and see the impact that God is able to use us to have in your life, we truly get excited. Our goal from our speaking ministry is to be able to connect with you and help you take tangible next steps in your relationship with Jesus Christ. We know that no matter who we are or where we are in relationship to Jesus, we all have a next step to take. Our goal is to be able to help you take that next step. We want to be a positive impact on your life. We want to be a positive voice that lead you closer to Jesus. We want to be a catalyst that truly has an impact on moving you forward in becoming the person that God is created you to be. Give us the opportunity to partner with you in this way today.

Online Minister Owasso | Speaking Ministry
Online Minister Owasso | Merchandise Ministry


We truly consider merchandise to be one of the extensions of our ministry. We remember years ago when they came out with the WWJD bracelets. We remember in our own life how this was a catalyst for leading us to turning points that would remind us to think about and focus on what is good and right. The Bible says to set your mind on things above, not on earthly things. The Bible says that as a person thinks, so are they. When you have merchandise that points people to Jesus, it allows for the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to take whatever someone is thinking about and turn it towards God. This is the goal. Our merchandise truly is a ministry. When you purchase merchandise not only are you supporting us in all of the different ministries that we get to be a part of, but you are a walking invitation for someone to be able to have that catalytic moment where they stop doing or thinking what they currently are and start turning their attention to Jesus.