Welcome to our speaking page. We are so honored to have you here. We are excited you have found us and passionate about helping you grow and develop. We know how important it is to have people that speak into our lives. Mentorship is an essential part of who we are and how we can become our best self. No one in the world has everything figured out. The only perfect person that has ever existed in the history of the universe is Jesus Christ. Everyone else is flawed in some capacity. Ourselves are definitely included in this statement. We are very imperfect and we know it. However, we can be renewed. We can be refined. We can get better. Growth is possible. We want you to know that one of our goals of our ministry is to help people just like you grow. Over the years we have had people speak into our lives and bring honest and straightforward feedback and direction and criticism and instruction to us.

This is been some of the most valuable opportunities for growth and learning that we’ve ever experienced. Please understand that every person has blind spots. What we mean when we say a blind spot is that there are different levels to self-awareness. There are the parts of ourselves that we are aware of when it comes to our feelings and our actions and how we impact others. Then, there are blind spots. These are the areas where we are feeling things and we are doing things are having an impact on others that we are not aware of. Growing in self-awareness is a key to development. As you begin to invite people into your life to be able to speak to you and help you grow in your self-awareness of yourself and how you relate to the world and your impact on others, then you are able to take that feedback and apply it to help yourself get better. One of the best ways to do this is to invite someone into your life like a mentor or pastor or even a speaker to be able to come and be a part of your story in this way. Even though it requires us to die to our pride, if we truly want to get better and become all that we are called to be, this is an essential component to how we grow. We want you to understand that when we speak to people and we are able to connect with you and the group of people that you’re having us encourage and minister to, our goal is to truly bring the light of Jesus and increase your self-awareness so that you are able to have tangible steps for growth and development.


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Here’s the thing though, growth and development require pain. Most people in the world view pain as a bad thing. I would say that the general consensus of pain in our world is viewed in a negative context. Most people actively seek pleasure and try to avoid pain. We are here to encourage the opposite. We want to encourage you to seek pain. A group of people that has figured this out are those people who have learned how to be physically healthy. If you meet a person who is physically healthy, then more often than not, they do several things. One, they eat healthy. Two, they exercise on a consistent basis. Three, they surround themselves with people who are of similar values as they are. Here’s the thing though about being healthy. It is painful. If you want to be healthy then you have to say no to the more tasty things in life. You have to say no to those donuts that you want so bad. You have to be the person who is willing to say no to what your body wants in order to get what you know your body really wants. You want to be someone who can say no to what your body craves in order to get what your body needs. This is a painful process. If you want to have a six pack, a.k.a. abs of steel, then this requires you to not only eat healthy so that you do not have layers of fat on your belly, but it also requires you to go out and exercise those muscles. The breaking down of muscles requires them to go through pain. You cannot build your muscles if you do not first tear them down. You cannot tear them down without experiencing pain. Pain is an essential component to growth.

Additionally, most people in life are seeking validation in a circle of friends where they feel welcomed and invited and cared for. Because of this, we tend to go to the group of people that offers this to us first. While this is not always bad, the problem tends to come whenever a group of people that you are hanging out with do not have the same values that you hope to live out. As we have stated in other places on our website, who you hang around with is who you’re going to become like. If you want to be the type of person who is constantly growing and developing and getting better and becoming a more self-aware person, then you must hang out with people who feel the same way. This can be a very painful process. This will require you to separate yourself from people that you perhaps have a relationship with, but should not be hanging out with. As someone once said, show me your friends and I will show you your future. What do you want your future to be? If you wanted it to be filled with growth and development where you are constantly becoming better and becoming closer to Christ and relationship with him, then you must go through the pain of getting away from people who are not after the same thing and finding the people who are. We are here to be a part of this process with you. We want to be an asset in this journey. Give us the chance to work with you today.