if you’re looking for the best Tulsa motivational preacher to give us a call today we would absolutely love to be able to assist you in what God is doing in this hour. Here at win souls our organization and speaks for itself because that is exactly will be focused on his winning souls. We are in the good fight for Jesus Christ focusing on winning souls for him every single day. If you are in the same fight that we are in and you are trying to calm the same go there we would absolutely love to work with you. Every single day we had young kids and teenagers who are getting lost along the way of life. Why does have some meaning he has to deal you and you do need guidance.

Jeff is the best Tulsa motivational preacher in the area because he has understood what it is like to go through some of the similar things that people speak with him about every single day. What better person is there out there to help you through a situation and someone who has been through similar identity crisis? Many of times have powerful people in Christ Jesus just cannot connect with people well because they have not been through anything. This is where Jeff comes into be had with say today is because he has been to a many of trials and tribulations that he has made it to them all. Although he still has quite a bit of life to live in things to go through he can help you to the point of where he has made it to now. Christ Jesus is still on the throne or matter what happens in your life and we want you to truly understand that he is fighting for you every day.

Win souls has the best Tulsa motivational preacher in the Tulsa and surrounding area. You can check out some of Jeff’s videos going to or by visiting our website. He has so many informational videos that has been able to help inform those of who Christ Jesus truly is and what role he plays in their entire existence. He absolutely loves God and he does research every single day to make sure he is passing greatness of closest to God and further away from the world. This is what we want to help you do. There are so many out there who would desires to be closer to Christ Jesus but they just do not know how to be. We are here to help you. Don’t worry, we have so many tips and tools that can help you along your journey to make sure that it is not stressful for you but that you are taking a step every single day for making progress.

if you’re interested in having Jeff can speak it was a great event all you have to do is reach out to us and let us know. We would absolutely love to be a part of transforming the lives of people. This is what we have hope for or. For believers in Christ Jesus to come together every single day in order to make a stab a toward saving the souls of his people. There are so many were struggling with the downsides of why we want them to know that they do not have to be depressed. There are so many joys in life especially in Christ. There so many fun things that used to have to learn about yourself.

If you are looking to meet or book Jeff for an event then log on to our website at winsouls.net. If you like speak with one of us first about Jeff, questions or concerns about your event, or booking information they give us a call today at 918 – 766 – 9673. You absolutely love Jeff and his personality we cannot wait for you to to me. Don’t hesitate, God is waiting! Give us a call today.

Best Tulsa Motivational Preacher | Benefits Of Being His Child

are you in the Tulsa or surrounding city or state and you are looking for the best Tulsa motivational preacher around you? If this is what you’re looking for, then give Jeff a call today. Contact win souls in order to book him for an upcoming event, conference, seminar, and so much more. We love to motivate people to get closer to God. However, just main focus is always save the souls of the people. Your recipe with understand exactly who they are in Christ Jesus and to benefit off of the that challenge of Christ Jesus who we recognize is our God.

If you’re looking for the best Tulsa motivational preacher in your local area did go ahead and contact win souls so that you can book Jeff for your next event. He will events for children and adults as long as the focus is Christ Jesus. Our goal is to win souls, equip the church to take action against Satan and his demonic attack against the offspring of Christ Jesus. We want believers to understand that this is a much bigger war that we have ever imagined. We have so many lost souls out here who think that there may not even be a God or a devil around. They are sadly mistaken and we are here to inform. Jeff has been blessed with a gift by God to be able to reach those that no one else has been able to. This is such a amazing and heartfelt gift from the Lord.

Jeff is always been acknowledged as a best Tulsa motivational preacher as he has came around because he does just that. He understands how to use the power of the word of God to motivate others. He always says that he is the Tulsa motivational preacher on this side of heaven. He understands that all got sugar have different attributes and gifts that they have been handed over by their father. Because we share the same father we do not walk in the spirit of envy. These are all important things they Jeff want you to know for yourself because they can hold you back from accomplishing your full potential in life.

Jeff uses conversations as these to motivate the people in the crowd. People have came up to him after event and asked him so many questions and even asked him to mentor them along their journey. We have been able to see people coming out very hard situations like addiction, stress, depression and so much more by be motivated to get up to fight back. This is all we want for God’s people is to have the motivation to fight back as well as the motivation to go in God’s word and see exactly what does God say about them in their powers. We absolutely love Christ Jesus and we know that we are surrounded by lots believers who do as well. We like to come together in worship or the Lord and Savior. Give us a call.

You can contact us via our number and 918 – 766 – 9673 view have any questions, comments, or concerns. If you visit our website today make sure you check out just a new book it is extremely amazing. To see what options he has available or make people look at some of his videos prior to booking and for your event visit our website at winsouls.net. We cannot wait to take over the enemies territory with you.