Are you sure to find a deeper meaning in your faith or relationship with God? The best Tulsa motivational preacher had trouble doing the same. Jeff wants everyone in this place to know you are not alone and you are not wrong. Many people attend church just like Jeff did growing up. Although, this is as far as their journey with God and the church will go. In many circumstances, this is not their fault. Often times, the church does not teach you how to have a deeper relationship with Christ. They do not teach you how to necessarily dive into your faith. It is important to know God’s word as the church often teaches but it is also so important to learn how to live by it as well.

The best Tulsa motivational preacher, Jeff is here to help you do that. He wants to be that person to others as he did not have this himself. He may have started his journey with the Lord much earlier had he had a mentor or someone to only teach him the word of God but how to live a god and faith filled life. Many people who attend church services can memorize Scriptures. This is great as some people do not even know the word of God. Though, memorized the words are pointless if you do not practice them.

Just like Jeff, the best Tulsa motivational preacher, this is where many people struggle; putting Gods words into action. As mentioned, if you know the words but are not acting on them what is the point in attending church? What is the point in knowing the Scripture? For example, this can be compared to a test. In school, we are given material to memorize. If we play memorize it while I clean on benefit us long-term. For example, a math test; it is important to memorize the formula but it is more important to practice it. Come will know when and how to put memorize formula into action which ultimately will provide you with the correct answer. Memorizing formulas, practicing, getting the correct answers on test all components of passing a test.

Life can be the exact same way; A test. We often times listen to and know the formula but do not practice it. Therefore, we often do not end up with the right answers. Many people get frustrated and often frustrated with God as a field they are doing what they are “supposed”to do in life in order to be rewarded. Although, they’re missing the biggest piece to the puzzle which we discussed his practice. In these circumstances, practice is learning and knowing Gods word and acting on it/ accordingly in everyday life. Practice really does make perfect.

Although Jeff understands this now, he did not always. He was lucky enough to meet his mentor, Frank after graduating high school. Frank taught Jeff to move from memorization to practice. Jeff can do the same for you at Win Souls. View his ministries by visiting and call 918-766-9673 to get in contact with the church.

Best Tulsa Motivational Preacher | Relate In Faith!

If you are looking for the best Tulsa motivational preacher, visit Win Souls. Jess, the preacher grew up in Georgia yet struggled to find a passion to build a relationship with God and in the church. Many people can relate to this. Although, Jeff met his mentor, Frank after you graduated from high school. People assume you mean your faith filled mentor at church but like Jeff, sometimes you the news unexpected and unexplainable ways. Frank was the one who inspired Jeff to pursue a deeper faith and relationship with Christ.

Jeff, the best Tulsa motivational preacher, met his mentor, Frank before entering college. This was a blessing as Jeff was able to connect with many people during college to wear in the same place he was in the past. Frank and Jeff would have many deep conversations regarding everything from the world, religion, faith, God, the church, etc. Jeff wanted to have the same conversations with others. He never had a conversation like this at church. He wanted to be the one as Frank had to to open others eyes who may not be as receptive in other environments. Sometimes it takes that person connection in conversation for a person to be receptive.

Frank, encouraged the now, best Tulsa motivational preacher, Jeff to put himself out there begin talking to others as he felt called to do so. Jeff began doing this whenever he started college. He was walk around the campus and talk to people. Many of these conversations became consistent as he would stand in the same place were take the same routes at the same time today. This ensured he would most likely run into the same people which allowed him to develop personal relationships with people over time. This allowed him to pick up a conversation where they had left off the day before or the week before, whatever it may be. Over time, these conversations as you can imagine get deeper and deeper.

Over time, people became very receptive to Jeff developed a genuine relationship with him. Although, at first it was difficult. People seemed standoffish to Jeff. People would tell Jeff he sounds like a minister or preacher often the first time he would approach them. This is very much how church can be and faith and religion in general. People are distant and standoffish at first as they are unsure or intimidated or overwhelmed. Although, once they allow it, they are able to relay it and end up developing a genuine relationship.

Jeff was still new to all of this in college. Therefore, he too did not know all of the answers whenever he would talk to people. He still does not claim to know all the answers which makes people often feel comfortable with him. Like they can learn together. If you would like to learn and grow with Jeff, join us Win Souls today. Call 918-766-9673 or visit for more information about Win Souls. We look forward to meeting you!