If you’re looking for the best Tulsa motivational preacher, and do not need to look any further. Our amazing preacher, Jeff, here at when souls is available for you in any needs that you might have. He started this amazing ministry to have an impact on our community and our world for God. You will be able to read all about his story on our website, where he sure is in detail how he came to know God. He loves to share this story when he teaches and preaches for different groups. Our ministry has many different ways that we reach out to our community and world. Have a YouTube channel where we post content on a regular basis, we write books on the teachings of God, and we are able to come visit your organization or church and preach and inspirational biblical lesson.

We are the best Tulsa motivational preacher because we truly let God work through us. It is not anything that we do on her own, but it is what he’s doing through our ministry. You can count on Jeff to not teach from his own opinions or views, but from the word of God. He wants the positively silly to closer to God and his word. We hope that after listening to our speaking, that you would move forward in becoming the person that God has created you to be. We hope that you give us the opportunity to partner with your organization or church so that we can get to know you and provide amazing teachings.

The best Tulsa motivational preacher also is very active on YouTube. There are so many negative and worldly things on the Internet, we want to be a lie and hope for others need the message of God. We provide new content on a regular basis that bisects the teachings of God through his word. We teach many different things in the Bible so that anyone on YouTube is able to listen and hopefully inspired to learn more. We use this amazing platform so that we can reach people all over the world. Talented people are on YouTube every day, so we only pray that our channel has an amazing impact on those people.

Another way that we want to partner with you is through our amazing merchandise ministry. We provide godly merchandise for you or your organization to where that will lead others towards God. We believe that if you’re wearing something that makes others think about God’s word, you are able to provide an opportunity to lead someone closer to Him.

If you are ready to partner with us there any of our amazing ministry, we hope that you give us a call today. You can reach us at 918-766-9673 for any questions that you might have. Please also visit our website, winsouls.net, for any more information.

Want To Know What The Best Tulsa Motivational Preacher Has For You?


The best Tulsa motivational preacher is found here at Win Souls. Our amazing preacher Jeff, is very passionate about teaching others the love and the word of God. He grew up knowing about God but never truly had a relationship with him. He fell away from the faith but has since become very passionate about growing closer to God and his word. After finding his own journey towards God, he was inspired to help lead others to do the same. Because he had a mentor that truly helped him in his life, he wants to be that mentor for other people in the world. He is passionate about reaching people both in our community and in our world.

The best Tulsa motivational preacher is also a writer. After spending many years studying the word of God, Jeff decided to also write books. We wanted to find a place to put our amazing story out into the world, so that it would hopefully inspire someone. Someone reads our butts, we hope that there give in a hope in a light, and encouraged to grow closer to God. Through our amazing ministry, we are able to write many different books on the faith. We hope that each one blesses those who are reading them.

If you’re still searching for the best Tulsa motivational preacher, we hope that you look into our amazing ministry here at win souls. We always look forward to getting to know our partners and helping them in any way that we can. We want to provide a positive and godly impact on our community, which is why we love speaking at events and churches. If you are looking for a preacher to speak at your next event, we hope that you reach out to us. Jeff has experience in preaching crowds many different sizes, so he is very confident in the Lord about teaching the word of God. You will not be disappointed by the teachings of our ministry, as we only hope two point other people towards God.

We have many different ministry outlets, which makes us pretty unique. Being on YouTube is what separates our ministry for mothers like us. We want to focus on serving our community, but we also realize that the world, especially on the Internet, needs this hope and light as well. We hope that we are able to provide this hope for many years to come as we serving both local and worldwide people. We hope that if you wish to partner with us in any way, that you would contact us as soon as possible so that we to get to know you and your group.

If you want to visit our website for more information about Jeff or our ministry opportunities, then visit winsouls.net. We also hope that you give us a call at 918-766-9673 if you have any questions about hiring us for an event or partnering with us in any other way.