If you’re feeling lost and don’t know where to go in your relationship with God, then let the best Tulsa motivational preacher Pastor Jeff with WinSouls get you back on track. He is passionate and a very gifted speaker. However, he gives all of the word to God. It is Jesus who does the work. We really can’t do anything our own and you will definitely understand that when you listen to him speak. You’ll be incredibly surprised at how God leaves because dog is to do whatever he wants in his services. It’s the truth that sets us free and it’s the marriage of truth and love that really transforms people. Have you ever had a conversation with someone where they tell you the truth but they don’t deliver it in a loving way and so it falls flat. The truth is like medicine. It needs to stay sweet in order for people to swallow it. The sweetness and the medicine is in fact love. Love makes everything more tangible.

If you’re delivering a true the truth and is not motivated by love it just comes across as judgmental and it prevents the most broken people from receiving it. Just like Jesus you will experience the greatest transformation time. Pastor Jeff does this every single time he takes the stage. He’s an incredibly fiery speaker and he loves to preach. He believes the word of God is as sharp as a double-edged sword. It reveals the thoughts of man is able to cut our heart and in ways that we didn’t think was possible. However, the conviction of the Lord is at times one of the most merciful thanks he grants us. It’s when were loss that we need to get on track. It says in the psalms that is his rod and his staff that guides us and those things can often feel like correction. Because it’s correction that keeps us from making poor decisions. You will definitely benefit from listening to pastor Jeff speak. Is one of the best Tulsa motivational preacher.

If you’re looking for the best Tulsa motivational preacher, and definitely look for pastor Jeff at WinSouls. Pastor Jeff is incredibly passionate and needed to pursue the Lord and his righteousness. Pastor Jeff emphasizes that when you pursue the kingdom of God and his righteousness, he gives you everything else. It’s the goodness of Jesus that enables us to experience a blessed life. And we followed more than any of the things is faithful even when we are. Pastor Jeff has a huge ration to see Christians restored to their purpose and living the life that God created them to live. Jeremiah says that the Lord made us together in our mother’s womb. And so many times people don’t understand why the Lord made them to begin with, and pastor Jeff loves to reveal the destiny and purpose that is on people’s lives.

WinSouls is incredibly passionate about they cannot wait to work with you and pray for you. Your best days are right ahead and with the preaching of pastor Jeff, you will definitely gain a lot of insight and wisdom into the best ways to pursue and live a life with the work. If you’re tired of living a Christian life that lacks power, then definitely asked the Holy Spirit to fill you with fire because he will do it.

If you’d like to you book pastor Jeff to come speak at your church, they not get into contact with our team today. We can’t wait to work with you in bringing out your destiny. You will definitely experience joy, motivation, and encouragement from listening to his messages. Here is our contact info, 9187669673 winsouls.net.

Is This The Best Tulsa Motivational Preacher For You?


If you’re looking for the best Tulsa motivational preacher, look no further than Pastor Jeff. Pastor Jeff is incredibly passionate about bringing people back to God. He was far from God himself for many years but the faithfulness of the Lord brought him back. It’s the kindness of Jesus that brings us to repentance and pastor Jeff experience the kindness of the Lord time and time again. Finally after Pastor Jeff is tired of running, he finally surrendered his life and he accepted the call on his life to preach the gospel. Incredibly passionate about preaching the gospel and motivating people to pursue Jesus.

Pastor Jeff understands that when you perceive Jesus and give him everything that you want he multiplies your life in ways that you could never have imagined. But first, pastor Jeff emphasizes that you have to give Jesus your life. You have to die to self. The best. Motivational preacher stresses the fact that is our life surrender to Jesus actually means the most. Jesus says that if you want to keep your life you will lose it but if you lose your life for his sake you will find it. It’s so antithetical to the ways of this world and doesn’t make any sense but once you surrender your life, you to experience the joy and freedom in Christ. Pastor Jeff loves to bring people back to Jesus through motivational, encouraging, and powerful messages

If you’re tired of living a life that will you feel lost. You’re tired of living a life where you feel defeated and discouraged, get into contact with WinSouls and pastor Jeff pastor Jeff can’t wait to pray for you and pastor Jeff can’t wait to encourage you and deliver a message where you will be encourage, empower, and equipped to pursue the life that Jesus has for you. If you’re looking to find the best Tulsa motivational preacher, then definitely look up pastor Jeff with WinSouls. He’s incredibly passionate about preaching the gospel and you will surely benefit from his amazing messages. Definitely getting contact with our team today.

The time for the bride to rise up and live in her identity is now! The time is now so if you would like to listen to pastor Jeff then definitely reach out to him. Pastor Jeff believes in the bridal identity message of the gospel and you will experience the power and love of the Holy Spirit through his messages. It’s the Holy Spirit that equips Best Tulsa Motivational Preacher, encounters us, and empowers us to be the evangelical hands and feet of Jesus. So often we say that where the hands and feet of Jesus. Feet carry you places and hands are things you use to tots and to build and to to lift up and that is that we are to do those things as the bride of Christ.

We are to go where the Lord wants us to go, and we are to do as the Lord wants us to do. We are to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons. And we do this based out of intimacy and power of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Jeff understands this and you will definitely experience his passionate wing speech. Contact our team today to have been speaking your church. Here is our contact info, 9187669673 winsouls.net