As a motivational preacher, there’s a lot of things that we can do for you now, most of them being motivated by love. We can offer you hope, we can offer you the opportunity to find a purpose in life, we truly care about you and what you held awful. We think that what you have to offer the world is pretty amazing, everything that you are pretty amazing. Please let us know where you are in your life, and let us help you by sharing the seekers that we have come across throughout our journey so we can ease the pain of your journey.

There something names out there today but you could trust to be your motivational preacher, what sense of urgency today have as far as speaking into your life? You want to speak into your life, and we know that you are uniquely and wonderfully made by the Lord. If you are sitting there and deciding whether or not you should plunge in, what do you have to lose? We know that it sounds a little peculiar, but we do truly love you, we truly love all people. We are trying to further the kingdom of God into cement souls into eternity.

Whenever you have a motivational preacher, especially in the Bible Belt, you never know what to expect because of the wide range of options. Let us put your mind at ease, let us love you like no one has ever loved you for showing our commitment to the human race. There is nothing quite like waking up in the morning and having a purpose, there is nothing quite like not having a purpose, which one are you?

There is no time to waste, you do not know when you’ll take your last breath. Life is so precious, as I’m sure you have experience either recently, or in the past. Is getting crazier and darker as the days go on, and as we approach what seems like the worst times in history. So what can we do for you now? How will you know if you don’t ask? Please call us at 918 – 766 – 9673 or visit us online at How do, and what progress we can make in your life if you do not ever take the plunge? We already told you that we are excited, are you?

You think that all the miracles in the Bible were merely an accident? Do you not think that miracles exist today? We know that you have seen such miracles in your life, maybe not like the ones in the Bible, but just as amazing. You have at least heard of these miracles and wondered, I wonder if there is something more to life, because otherwise, was the point of anything? If there is no hope then there is no purpose, and there is no purpose but there is no anything. Let us show you a purpose driven by love and steered by Jesus. Are you ready?

Motivational Preacher | Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions people have for somebody such as a motivational preacher. A lot of times people wonder, what if I’m not religious? If you are not religious, do not worry, and do not write us off you something that will not help you. There are so many who wonder things like if God is really real, then why does what bad things happen?

Our motivational preacher is driven by a passion that allows us to anticipate these such questions, and to formulate answers that are gratifying to what it means to be adequately satisfied with our responses. We like to learn about you, we like to learn about your past, we are interested in these things. A large majority of people think that they are not good enough to come to God, so the run in the opposite direction. Jeff really sought this deep connection with God, but at the same time felt like he was not good enough.

We think that some if you feel like they’re not good enough for so much of their lives, but our motivational preacher thinks differently. Do you really want to let this keep you from becoming we were created to be? Sometimes in our lives, surrender then change, then we will have victory. If you are never willing to change things, then things will never change. These seem like simple ideals but they are very difficult. We aim every single day to help you and help your family to realize what it means to be love, and what it means to love others truly.

Maybe you have questions about different dreams about the past or overall different situations that you have in your life. No matter what it is it cannot be a bad thing to seek out advice and help. Everyone needs help at some point and most people are scared asked for it. What happens when you have nor left to run? There is no feeling worse in the world when you do not wish to live anymore, but you also do not wish to die. Please give to answer any questions that you might have and spirituality, God, or anything eternal.

Please don’t hesitate, 918 – 766 – 1673 or visit Sometimes all the questions we have can build a wall around us and prevent from learning, prevent us from moving forward, and prevent us from doing even simple everyday tasks. Please do not let these walls keep you from asking how to break them down. This is what we do, this is what Jesus, we are just following his purpose. Come to us with all your questions. Write them down run through the entire list with us until you’re satisfied. The old saying goes that there are no stupid questions yes question you asked , and this could not be more true with us. Have you ever consider that the creator of the universe created you, and he might have a plan for your life? Something that so many people probably never consider, but is it not worth considering? These are the questions that we have thought of that might stir your imagination and your curiosity to go a little deeper below the surface that most people go. You will see throughout our interaction we truly do care about you, we care about your soul, and we care about your questions.