if you’re in our local area you are looking for motivational preacher today who is God-fearing and is truly compassionate about God’s people to give Jeff a call today. A lot of times we have people who are very powerful and the word of God but they lack discernment, timing, and compassion for God’s people. Although the Lord is serious about his vice we do have newcomers at the price of Jesus. Having the wisdom to know how to be compassionate for God’s people to speak to their heart and their soul and bring them into the love of God is a very powerful thing. Now, why will speak to Jeff’s understanding of the motivated people and influence them by the love of God he also understands warfare.

Jeff wants you to understand that he is a motivational preacher who has transformed your life and also teaches you to be equipped to fight the good fight of Christ Jesus. He wants you to understand exactly how powerful UI that you have sores in the word of God. You can go to prayer at any given time to slay Satan into many pieces and his activist. Say naturally has no authority over you and miss you are living in the world. If you are living in the world and by the world been Satan has a lot of authority and control over you and your actions. Once you have broken free from being imprisoned by Satan’s tactics and he has no more control over you because you have authority over him.

Jeff is a motivational preacher who just came out with his new book that speaks about a lot of these topics that we are discussing now. His book is called running the race. It is all about you being equipped to stand up and fight against the legal authority that Satan has tried to exercise over your life by living in the world. We had the authority to stand up and fight back against saying every single day and we will win because we are part of Christ Jesus was more powerful than him. You can find Jeff in many different ways and connect with him personally or incorrectly. But if you want to connect with him as a brother-sister price on a daily basis to keep up with everything that he has one on one thing you should follow him on YouTube.

If you log onto YouTube and check out some of Jeff’s videos that he has a will help you do it many have different trials in shaping relations that you would be facing as a believer of Christ Jesus. He gives good advice and talks to you letting you know what the word of the Lord is over all of our lives as believers. It is very important if you understand their position on how God feels about us in the world today. The methods would be to give his book and to follow him on YouTube so that you can have a daily devotion speaking to you by the word of the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you’re looking to speak to one of us directly give us a call today at 918 – 766 – 9673. We absolutely love to give speak with you and see how we can come together for Christ Jesus. We are all about pusher for the wheel and the purpose of Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior so visit our website today if you would like to know more about us at winsouls.net

Motivational Preacher | About Jeff

are you in the local Tulsa area and you have been thinking about beginning then we don’t have a motivational preacher? If so, log on to win souls website and learn more about Jeff to you Jeff is the best speaker in his local area and has spoken to many children of God whose life he has helped transform. Jeff truly enjoys without is common to do and he is very passionate about what his father hasn’t. He understands life can be pretty difficult in the butt to some challenging times but he is here to help. He is very dedicated and motivated without being caught up to do and he takes his duties seriously.

Jeff has been chosen by Christ Jesus the be the best motivational preacher on this side of heaven although his life has not been perfect. No one gets from art to the other side of heaven without trials and tribulations. This is why Jeff is such a great person to be able to help motivate your team. Jeff has an incredibly great passion for knowing who God is. He grew up as a child in a Baptist background where he was raised in charge. He attended public school just like any other kid. He had a pretty normal life for the most part of his young adulthood. However, he was focused on popularity and girls, and having a good time. These are all things that Christ Jesus did not take great joy into if he had created Jeff were a much bigger purpose. Just like most children, Jeff only with the church once a week and he did not have an in-depth understanding of who Christ Jesus was far much past that.

As a young boy, the motivational preacher actually believe that someone having a real relationship with someone that they cannot see was pretty much nonexistent. He did understand who Christ Jesus was and that he was to be served but he was not too thoughtful past that point. Anything that came into mention in-depth relationship with Christ Jesus someone that you’re supposedly supposed to speak to them cannot see was not on the forefront of Jeff’s mind. Just spent a lot of his time in his young adulthood confused about who Christ Jesus sure he is in making a lot of mistakes like the rest of us.

Just came running from God into what one point God kept calling him and he answered. Just how to have the type of deep, intellectually feel conversation with God that he saw others do especially his mentor Frank. He would train with his mentor and he really admired those things about him. Jeff will talk often about Christ Jesus once he started to know more of him but he denied the attention that he got all the time. Jeff went away from the responsibility that God had given him for many years. He dreaded hearing people tell him many a times that he sounded like a minister/preacher. Hearing those words almost made him where runaway everything the time. Eventually, Jeff went ahead and answer the call of God and realize that he cannot run forever. He was called to be a minister for his father in heaven.

Jeff has so many stories of my safety to share with the people. This is what makes him the best preacher to motivate your team. Give us a call today if you are like to know more about Jeff or have them come speak to your team. Jeff has weathered many of the same emotions and feelings that your team is probably experiencing right now. You can always reach us at 918 – 766 – 9673 visit our website to learn more about Jeff today at winsouls.net.