Our amazing motivational preacher, Jeff, is very passionate about teaching others the word of God. He started our amazing ministry, win souls, in hopes that he would be a lie and I hope to those who need it. He has had his own incredible journey with God that he is very eager to share with anyone who wants to hear. He even wrote a book about it so that you can read about how God changed his life. Ever since he learned more about God and his word, he became very passionate about sharing it with others. He started this ministry so that he can reach out to both our community and those in the world around us. He has many different ministry outlets that allow him to reach out to many different people.

One of the ways our motivational preacher reaches out to our community is through speaking engagements. If you have a organization or church group that would like to hear Jeff preach the word of God, we encourage you to get in touch with us so that you can partner with us. Jeff has experience preaching in front of crowds of all sizes, and you’ll be very impressed with the way that he preaches. He does not talk from his own opinions or thoughts, rather from the word of God. This will be a great opportunity for your organization or group to learn more about following God and studying his word. We know that this would be an amazing chance for your group to hear from someone who is very passionate about teaching and being a godly the impact in the world.

Our motivational preacher is also very involved with reaching out to the world. He started a YouTube channel where he talks about the Bible and how it relates to each of our lives. He started this because there are so many negative influences out in the Internet, and he hopes to be a positive and inspiring insolence to those on the Internet. He provides regular content where he goes through the teachings of God and the Bible. Anyone in the world is able to find our amazing YouTube videos and learn about the Lord. This one way that Jeff looks forward to reaching out to those around the world.

Another way that Jeff likes to reach out to anyone and everyone is through his writings. He wrote a book about his own personal journey with God, and several others as well. You can find these books on our website. We hope that you read them and are very inspired to follow God more closely. You will definitely be able to see Jeff’s passion for leading others towards God.

We have many different amazing ministry opportunities for you to get involved in here at win souls. If you have any questions about how to get involved, visit our website, winsouls.net. We also hope that you give us a call if you’re ready to have Jeff come to your group or organization and give a powerful message about God. You can reach our number at 918-766-9673.

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As a motivational preacher, Jeff has experience teaching God’s word to profit many different sizes. Jeff is our amazing preacher and founder of our ministry, win souls. We are a ministry that is local to Tulsa, Oklahoma and serves our community and the world around us. Just has had an incredible journey with God in his life, which is why he was inspired to start this ministry. He has a passion for teaching others how to follow God and study the word. He created this ministry with you in mind. He loves any opportunity to meet new people and get to know them. He wants to be a positive impact on our community and our world. We want you to read more about us through our amazing website.

Our website, you will be able to read all about our amazing motivational preacher. Jeff has had quite a journey when it comes to following God, which you will be able to read on our website. You will also be able to read all about his life experience in the amazing book that he wrote. On our website, you will read that Jeff grew up knowing about God and church, but quickly fell away from the faith and started doing life his own way. He then realized the importance of following God in the Bible. He found a mentor who helped him learn the importance of following God with his life, and then in turn wanted to be that mentor for other people. This is why he started our amazing ministry, win souls.

If you look at our website, you will be able to see the many different ways that our Motivational Preacher is involved in our community and the world. One way is that we have a YouTube channel where we talk about God and the Bible. This is just one way that we are passionate about reaching out to the world, especially those on the Internet. There are millions of people across the world are on YouTube all the time, and we want to be a resource of hope and light for those. There are many negative things on the road, which is why we want to be a life for God. We hope that you visit our YouTube channel so that you are able to listen to these amazing teachings from Jeff. You will quickly be able to see why Jeff has a passion for God.

On our website, you also be able to reach out to us. We hope that you fill out the contact form so that we can get to know you better. We would love to reach out to you soon as possible so that we can help me anything you might have. If you’re wanting to partner with us, or just want to talk about something, we will be able to give you a call and help we do in the right direction. We also hope that you visit our website to find our amazing merchandise. We offer godly merchandise that is sure to have a positive and encouraging impact on your life.

Please visit our website, winsouls.net, for more information on how to partner with our ministry. You will also be able to read about Jeff and how he started our ministry. We also hope that you give us a call at 918-766-9673.