Our motivational preacher here at Win souls is passionate about God and teaching the Bible to others. He came to know the Lord earlier in his life, and has grown a passion for studying the Bible and mentor and others. Because he had a mentor himself who helped him understand the Bible and how to follow God, he hopes to be this type of influence on those in both our community and our world. He started our ministry, win Souls, to have a positive and godly impact on our world. There are many different ways that he is able to share his passion, whether it be on YouTube, through a book, in person speaking, or merchandise. Every aspect of our ministry is ran through our core values, which include biblical teaching, passion for God, and giving hope to others.

When Jeff, our motivational preacher, was little he always knew about God and church. It wasn’t until later in his life that he truly understand that God loved him and once a relationship with him. He then began to pursue God and the Bible by a prayer and studying the word. You can trust that if you partner with Jeff for a speaking engagement, that he will not preach from his own thoughts or ideas, rather from the teachings of the Bible. He is very honest and basically just wants to be a translator from the Bible and you. You can trust that he will be a great option for motivational preacher for your church group or organization.

We hope that through our motivational preacher, that you will see his passion for God. This is one of our core values as a ministry, and we hope to inspire this passion in anyone who hears our messages were read their books. We also hope that you are able to see this passion when you listen to Jeff preach about the Bible. He truly looks forward to getting to know everyone that he meets and leads them towards God. He wants to be a light and an encouragement to everyone around him.

Another core values that our ministry holds dear is giving hope to others. Whether it be through our YouTube channel, or merchandise, we hope that we are able to give a fight and hope in this dark world. There are many negative influences in our world today, which is why we want to be a positive impact on anyone who listens or reads about us. Through our ministry, win souls, we strive to truly just be a hope to those who need it.

If you have any questions about Jeff or our ministry here at win souls, we that you get in contact with us right away. We are able to answer any questions he might have when you give us a call at 918-766-9673. We also hope that you visit our website, where you will be able to find information about us. You will find that website at winsouls.net, and we hope that you fill out the contact information so that we can get to know you and get back to you.

Are You A Really Good Motivational Preacher?


If you choose to use our amazing motivational preacher, Jeff, you will be able to expect a great quality teaching from the word of God. Jeff is very passionate about his space and sharing it with others. This is why he offers special speaking engagements to organizations and churches in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. If you choose to partner with us, you will expect a quality message that is taught from the Bible. You and your group will be very encouraged and enlightened by the message that Jeff brings every time. He is very committed to serving both our community and our world through biblical teaching.

Our motivational preacher, Jeff, is also very committed to providing quality material for his YouTube channel. He started a YouTube channel to hopefully impact the Internet world. There are many negative things that go around the Internet on a daily basis, and he hopes that his channel will bring some lie and hope to those on the Internet. He that you will see his passion for God and the word of God through his lessons on YouTube. You can count on great quality material from Jeff and his to channel. He tries to create content on so that the world is able to learn more about God in the Bible.

We also hope that you see that our motivational preacher is very passionate. He has had a very unique walk with God so far in his life, which he is always eager to share with others. He even wrote it down in a book that you are able to read and learn from. You can be assured that through this book, you will be very encouraged and inspired to live closer to God and study his word. He only provides great quality writing for his book, making it easy for you to read and understand.

We realize that many other motivational preachers in the Tulsa area are not very passionate about what they do. They often only talk from their own thoughts or feelings, making them seem like they are lifting up themselves rather than God. You can count on Jeff to only teach from the word of God and bring glory to his name. You will be very impressed with the teachings that he provides when you reserve him for your next speaking engagement. We hope that you look into our amazing ministry and all of the opportunities that we provide for both the local and worldwide communities.

If you are looking for a motivational speaker for your next speaking engagement, we hope that you choose Jeff, our leader and head preacher. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed with his amazing biblical teachings and the way that he can encourage and inspire a room. If you have any other questions, we hope that you visit our website to learn more about us and the ministries that we offer. You can visit our website, winsouls.net, for more information. You can also give us a call at 918-766-9673 and we will be happy to talk with you.