Pastor Jeff with WinSouls is incredibly passionate about the body of Christ. It is passion to encourage, equip, and empower the body of Christ actually be the body of Christ. So often the Christian church claims itself as Christian is not as Christ that is one of the biggest reasons why the world thinks that we are the same. So many people believe that their Christian but do not actually act like Jesus. Their words are not seasoned with salt and that is one of the reasons why Pastor Jeff is so passionate about equipping the body. It’s his pride and joy it’s delivered empowering and encouraging messages to the body of Christ that makes us conformed into the image of Jesus. If you have any area of your life where you’re needing to be empowered, corrected, or encouraged, then definitely Pastor Jeff and he will deliver an amazing message for you. The Lord is really using his ministry. One of the best motivational preacher Tulsa has to offer, definitely look in the past with WinSouls.

So often people don’t understand what it means to be Christian. People think that if you become a Christian your life will be all peaches and cream the truth is that Jesus said that you face trials and tribulations because of him. In Christian culture today Jesus wants to bless your life giving abundant life free from trials and tribulations and that is just not true. Jesus went through suffering so that we can be empowered to do the same. We did not go to the cross we can avoid the problem but he went to the cross so that we can be resurrected from the dead just like he was. Without his finished work, would be dead in our trespasses and without hope for the future. That is why Jesus came to restore with the enemy has stolen and reconcile God’s people back to the father. If you’re looking for an incredible motivational preacher Tulsa then definitely look into Pastor John. We are incredibly excited to work with you and restore your relationship with Jesus. You

So many Christians today don’t understand the purpose and plan God. That is why Pastor Jeff loves to equip, empower and encourage the Saints to pursue the life and purpose ourselves for them. With many ministry opportunities, you are sure to benefit from their vast list of resources. WinSouls is incredibly passionate about bringing people back to the goodness of Jesus. The kindness of god is what brings us to repent. So many times in Christian circles we think it’s the judgment of God, or we think it’s the wrath of God that brings people to repent but in fact, Romans says that is the kindness of God that brings people to repentance. For the best motivational preacher tulsa reach out to Pastor Jeff.

It’s the mercy and love of Jesus that brings people to repentance. If you’re looking for the motivational preacher Tulsa look no further than Pastor Jeff. We are extremely, you will benefit from pastor just messages. You will be incredibly impacted and encouraged to pastor Jeff’s messages. You are sure to walk away refreshed and equipped. Will definitely have a restored sense of vision and purpose.

Pastor Jeff did not repent and turn to God because of the discipline of the Lord, but rather because of the kindness and mercy of the Lord. And that is what Pastor Jeff loves emphasizing his messages. He loves the fact that Jesus brought him back to his love. He did not let him suffer in his sin. You would like to listen to pastor Jeff’s amazing message is work get him to come to your church, then definitely contact his ministry today. Here is our contact info, 9187669673

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If you’re looking for an amazing motivational preacher Tulsa, then definitely follow pastor Jeff. Pastor Jeff will definitely motivate you to follow Jesus. He will definitely preach the word that you need to hear. So many times Christians today are lacking drive, passion, and intimacy with the Lord. They don’t understand where they’re going or why Jesus has them here. But the good news is that Jesus has you for a purpose. Jesus has them here and pastor Jeff is excellent at what he does and reaches his sermons full of conviction and passion. You will definitely benefit from listening to his amazing sermons. Pastor Jeff loves reveal that destiny that is on your life. We firmly believe in what Pastor Jeff preaches. You are sure to encounter the love power and the fire of the Holy Spirit in his messages. You will definitely walk away encouraged, equipped, and empowered..
For an amazing motivational preacher, then definitely getting contact pastor Jeff. Pastor Jeff cannot wait to work with you and you will definitely benefit from his using sermons. It’s his passion and his excellence that empowers and equips people to change. Pastor Jeff is incredibly dynamic and charismatic speaker. His stage presence is very confident but yet approachable. He has a gentle aura about him and definitely is easy to listen to. Pastor Jeff’s own life story is an amazing one. After years of running from the Lord, Pastor Jeff encounters the faithfulness and kindness of Jesus and repentance.He is a great motivational preacher tulsa.

After years of rejecting the call on his life to preach the gospel, Pastor Jeff finally accepted it and the Lord blessed him immediately. People began to be saved, delivered, and fueled in the name of Jesus. As pastor Jeff preach the gospel, destiny was released over and the people you would preach to you. At that moment, Pastor Jeff knew that this is why he was put on his peers put on this earth to equip, empower, and send out the body of Christ with a new and restored sense of vision, destiny, and purpose. Pastor Jeff is an exceptional motivational preacher Tulsa.

You will be incredibly blessed and thankful that you listen to pastor just be. Pastor Jeff is incredibly passionate about his job and he loves you preach. Jeff and WinSouls testing countless people give their lives to Jesus experience a renewed sense of destiny and purpose. So many times the Christian life can feel like a waste. The pastor Jeff emphasizes the fact that when you spend your life on Christ, he will deposit and gives it more value than you could ever seen on your own. When you give your life to Christ you die, but now Christ lives in you and we longer live butChrist in you. And now as a Christian, you get to live the life of Jesus. You live a life of purity, power, purpose, and being present.

You get to both present in your day-to-day life but also yet to be present with the Lord. You now get to be constantly aware of his goodness, his love for you, and his faithfulness, no matter where you are. He really is Emmanuelle God with us. If you’re looking to have your relationship with God be restored you’re interested in the ministry of Pastor Jeff and WinSouls, then definitely get into contact with him today. They cannot wait to pray for you and encourage you. Here is our contact info, 9187669673