If you are looking for the best motivational preacher Tulsa Oklahoma has to offer then you should visit Win Souls. Here, you will feel welcome and involved with Jeff as he inspires his community. Jeff, began his journey early in college. He led go up to people in between classes on campus and began engaging in a faith-based conversation with them. Although he was not trying to preach, many people would ask what he wanted or ask what he was trying to preach. Really, Jeff just was looking for an honest conversation and not to preach, but to learn from others views and opinions.

Many would not guess by the best motivational preacher Tulsa has to offer has not always been experienced. In fact, in his early days of college when he would partake in conversations with those around him as mentioned, he was very inexperienced. He had just begun his journey at this time in his life after meeting his mentor, Frank. Therefore, he felt ainadequate when his peers in college would tell him that he sounded like a preacher. Jeff was not trying to preach but simply find someone to relate to and understand their upbringing, their views and opinions, and their faith. This would help him and others not feel alone. Therefore, he did not want to teach or preach, but grow along with others.

Jeff, the motivational preacher Tulsa is raving about, do not always live the life he does today. This makes it very relatable to the community which people appreciate. He is real and he is honest. Jeff grew up attending church with his family which leads many to think he is always been involved in the church and this was all a part of his plan. Although, that is far from the truth. Growing up, Jeff compares going to church every week to checking a box on the to do list. Yes, this is frowned upon. Although, many people do it. Jeff, a preacher, grew up with this mindset and never had a deep calling to further his relationship with God or the church pass this.

Whether we want to admit it or not, many people are in this place in their life or have been in this place in their life. Jeff gets it. Maybe you need that extra push. This is what Jeff needed as he met his mentor after high school. Frank made just think of faith and religion differently than he had before. A way that intrigued him to learn and understand more. It is all about the way we personally think, learn, and understand.

Everyone is different and sometimes it takes different people, circumstances, or experiences to spark your interest in something. There is nothing wrong with that. Jeff hopes he can help do that for you like he has for so many others at Win Souls. If you are interested checking out the church call 918-766-9673 where visit Win Souls website at www.winsouls.net. Find your passion here with Jeff!

Motivational Preacher Tulsa | Pursue Your Faith at Win Souls

The motivational preacher Tulsa loves, Jeff at Win Souls, is always still growing in his faith. Many people think of preachers as a finished product although, Jeff was continuing to grow and learn. In college, people wouldl often tell Jeff that he sounded like a minister. He did not like he was speaking or preaching to people about anything but simply having a one-on-one casual conversation with another peer. Enjoyed these conversations as they made to think he developed a new way of helping himself and others to understand and grow in their faith and relationship with God.

Jeff, the motivational preacher Tulsa favors, and always consider himself to be very religious. For years he struggled to develop a deeper relationship with his faith or God himself. Now, he can see and that’s he was running from God for a long time. Almost as if he was pushing this connection away as many of us to subconsciously without even knowing why. Jeff can relate to this as he went through this for his whole childhood. He eventually stopped fighting this need for a deeper connection when he was in a dole at the age of 18.

As a motivational preacher Tulsa and the community expects you to have the answers. Jeff has always been open and honest about not having all the answers continuing to grow alongside his community. This is the best part about him and why is community favors. He does not have a better than you attitude that simply loves helping others pursue their faith as he had someone do for. This further encourages to continue developing a deeper and deeper connection with his faith and relationship with God. His relationship with his community goes both ways as not only does he benefit them, but they benefit as well. He will never judge you because most likely, he has been in your place.

As mentioned, Jeff spent many years running from the Lord. He would attend church to please his mother and father yet desired nothing more beyond that. At times, he would have spiritual dreams of different kinds he says. Often, he would ignore them, not tell anyone, and move on as if they meant nothing. It was hard to ignore these dreams as they became more frequent, occurring more more often. Finally, after one night he remembered his dream vividly and wrote a few notes found about it. He kept these notes and eventually started keeping track of the notes in his dreams. He began to see things he could not ignore.

Eventually, Jeff moved out to Oklahoma and started Win Souls. Here, helps people like him to not completely sure of their call but have a urge to develop a better relationship with Christ but do not know where to start or began. If this sounds like you, look no further! Please visit Win Souls website at www.winsouls.net or call the church phone number 918-766-9673 to get involved. Allow Jeff to lead your journey. You will not be disappointed!