Here at WinSouls, we have the greatest motivational preacher Tulsa. We are filled with the word of God and we have all the heart and passion to spread the word out so that we can help people to live into their divine purpose in life that’s created by God. Our team worked tirelessly and we are all here for the sole purpose helping people in touching their heart.

If you are looking for the top motivational preacher Tulsa, then look for no further WinSouls is here for you. No matter what can the day you’re having, good or bad; no matter what time it is or where you are; our motivational preachers are always here for you just one click away. We are all real human beings sharing their own testimonies from life. If you are lost, if you’re looking for something to keep you motivated, to fill that fuel to the top, to pump you up for the next day, week, until it becomes the new normal for you, then WinSouls is just what you’re looking for!

Here at WinSouls, our motivational preacher Tulsa fought their own battles just like you and me. We are here to share our life experiences with you and not to lecture you. So do not worry, you will never have to feel ashamed or embarrassed at WinSouls. We want speak the truth from God to you as your friend and as someone who had walk through the darkness into the light. More importantly, we want you to know that no one is perfect and you are not alone. Our founder, Jeff, was fought his battles long and hard before he lives a life that’s spiritually free too.

When Jeff was little, he went to church with his family every week but it was more of something that existed on the to-do list. He did not open his heart for God and he refused to allow anyone in to speak the truth to him. He closed himself up because he felt alone. With the help from God he was able to break out the darkness and live to the light. The difference was libearting and Jeff knew there is no going back. WinSouls was built because Jeff does not want anybody else to feel the same or walk through the same path that he did. Where all sons and daughters of God and we are in this life journey together.

If you would allow us to come close to your heart, plug your headphones in, turn up the volume on the TV, connect your phone to your car… If you would give us the opportunity to help you navigate through life following and obeying directions and guidance from God, visit us at or contact us at 918-766-9673. We are so glad you found us!

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Here at WinSouls, we provide the best motivational preacher Tulsa. WinSouls provides a variety of services. Where most known for youtube online services where our motivational preachers are able to share the gospel and share their own testimonies with you. Reading is a lost art nowadays and people tend to read less and turned their attention to digital media. But at WinSouls, we also provide a great collection of books if you are someone who can still find comfort through books. Our line of merchandise is a ministry itself. We provide clothes lines, tupper wear, and other amazing items you might be interested in.

We promise you that you can find the best Motivational Preacher Tulsa. If you are someone who is looking for something to fill the void in your heart, if you’re looking for that spark to relight that fire again, if you are feeling lost, angry, if you are seraching for directions and guidance to get to the next stage in life, then WinSouls is just for you. We are built on a group of people who had went through just the same thing as you did.

Let’s take a look at one of our best motivational preacher Tulsa, our founder Jeff. Jeff wrapping a Christian household and went to church with his family every Sunday. However he did not here oversee anything from God years and years because he shut himself off and not allowing anybody in his heart. He was going through the struggles all by himself and he felt alone. He was close to giving up.

Fortunately, Jeff met his mentor in college. His mentor spoke the truth to him, treated him with nothing but love. He was there to encourage him when he was down, he was his biggest supporter and celebrated the smallest victories with them. He was someone Jeff looked up to and a safe haven for him to fall back on. More and more Jeff realized, his mentor were able to do that because he was filled with the word of God. He slowly opened up his heart to God and was able to lives his life with complete spiritual freedom.

WinSouls was born because Jeff wanted to help others just like his mentor had helped him. He understands very well the power of positive reinforcement and having someone who believes in you, constantly encourages you and always there for you. Through WinSouls, Jeff has reached thousands of lives, who otherwise probably have no positive influence in their life. Thanks to WinSouls, no one will ever have to feel alone. Give us the opportunity to work through life’s journey with you! Visit us at or contact us at 918-766-9673. We can’t wait to hear from you !