Jeff is the top Tulsa motivational preacher for both Tulsa and surrounding areas. He speaks the word of the Lord to an over God’s people. If you are hosting an event you are looking to influence your team in Christ Jesus instead of by the world that we have the same goal in mind we believe that Jeff will be there best speaker for your event. We are very passionate about what to for Christ Jesus important in the crises that does for you. We want more people to experience God in a new way and surely having a relationship with him.

As a young boy Jeff was not known as the top Tulsa motivational preacher but he was raised knowing the Lord Jesus Christ as sovereign. Throughout his life he realized that he was well known for the impact that he had on others by simply having conversation with them. As Jeff started to realize that he greatly impacted others’ lives by talking to them he realized that he had a gift. But Jeff had not yet discovered it was how is full his gift was for Christ Jesus. He spent many times in his life running away from Jesus like many of us. He ran away from Jesus as well as he ran away from his call.

Today as the top Tulsa motivational preacher share has been able to influence mainly from darkness to light and has helped them become motivated again by allowing Jesus to use him as a vessel. By giving himself over to the Holy Spirit allowing that spirit to speak to him God has been able to greatly impact others lives to bring them back to him through Jeff’s vessel. Today, Jeff is a motivational preacher, a man still chasing after God with childlike faith, has written many of the books to help save others lives, promotes Jesus Christ to all of his clothing items, and helps thousands of people daily be uplifted and one back over my Jesus Christ through his YouTube channel.

By allowing the Lord Jesus Christ to use Jeff as he pleases. If you are needing someone to speak at your faith based event who has been called by God to be a voice and a world so allow of demonic influences Jeff is here to answer the call. No matter what place in life your group/team are currently in he has truly been chosen to go into the hearts of the people and bring out the winner in Christ Jesus out of them.

God has called you is well to host or arrange an event called and his kingdom members who are still out in the world roaming in the Tulsa area you are in the of a speaker can really grab the hearts and the minds of the people then contact us to have Jeff speak at one of your events. If you have additional questions or concerns you can contact us on our website or call us at 918-766-9673.

How Is The Top Tulsa Motivational Preacher What You Need?

are you having uplifting evening you are looking for the top Tulsa motivational preacher? Awesome, We can help you! We had the same goal in mind as the children of Christ Jesus should, which is to win souls and bring them back to our Lord Jesus Christ. Jeff is a man of God who has dedicated his life to going in collecting people and bringing them back to Jesus where they truly belong. While we also equip those who argue no crises to become stronger every day, we are also going into the dark areas and getting God’s children and bringing them back to life. The word of God is the life and we should use it as such.

By hiring Jeff to come speak at your event you are gaining top Tulsa motivational preacher that can really impact the like you needed to be. He does this by speaking about some of the challenges that he faced in his lifetime and walk with God. He also speaks about some of the things that helped him through – television times, what type of different situations, thoughts, and feelings he experiences the process. A lot of times you want to bring people back to Jesus but we aren’t yet understanding where their mindset is at. This is why the Lord sometimes allows us to experience different things so that he can bring us into awareness but more important that this process we gain wisdom. Once the gain wisdom and we have seen the enemy filed his schemes that he is trying to use to put us over into the pits of hell and we are able to go back and save souls for God and also make our family in Christ Jesus aware of Satan’s devices.

Jeff is considered the top Tulsa motivational preacher on this side of heaven by being bold enough to stand up every day with the strength that his Savior has given him to march forward and let out the will of God for his life. He has been blessed with the ability to speak to people and transform their minds from darkness to light. He has been given the ability to write books to have impacted the lives of other groundbreaking ways. Jeff truly learns the Lord Jesus Christ he cannot wait to you are able to experience him in such a deeper way.

Jeff uses the sword of the Lord they can break off any shackles that the enemy has placed upon God’s children to have them see that freedom is available to them in Christ Jesus. We understand that although people may know of God that love was with him never stop increasing. Jeff’s goal is to get people to continue to grow in God as well as with God every single day so that they can experience the highest level of victory on earth and in heaven.

If you are in need of a motivational speaker that can build up the room of people and motivate their to get up and take action in their lives you have found the right speaker for your event. We are all about walking out the word of God and not just talking about the word of God. To get in touch with us directly call us at 918-766-9673. For more information about Jeff’s life and products he offers visit