The top Tulsa motivational preacher, just like many grew up claiming to be a Christian because he attended church once a week. Jeff can relate to many of us who grow up in a faith based household our daily lifes would not/ do not reflect this at all. In fact, our cave appears blind nonexistent on a day-to-day basis for many. Jeff does not condemn anyone for this house he went through the same. He followed the steps necessary to and who claim to be a Christian. Often this just includes attending church in many of our minds.

Like many of us, the top Tulsa motivational preacher, was one self absorbed. Often do not even realize how self absorbed herself focused we are. Jeff struggled with this growing up as well. Was he actually living the life God intended for to be living? No, but he would not know this because did not take time to invest or pursue a relationship with God. Therefore, he did not take the time to listen to God. This is where many of us trouble as we are too busy focusing on and listening to ourselves, others, the outside world and word. Today’s world often preaches words, actions, and values that do not match up with the word of God.

Now, the top Tulsa motivational preacher, Jeff fell victim to the word of the world in his life as well. Growing up, he would do what everyone else was doing. Many can relate to this as It is hard to go against the word of the world while everyone else seems to be going with it. This is especially hard at a younger age as you are just trying to fit it or be popular. In fact, this is a common theme throughout all of life no matter how old you are. Everyone wants to be long, fit in, and appear the best they can be that is not always by God’s standards but by the worlds standards.

People are very shallow today as we think short-term standards rather than long-term standards. This has become normal as many people constantly live in survival mode. It is important to be present but there’s a difference between being present in the moment and living in the moment for a temporary high were feeling of happiness. For example, is important to be present and attentive at the moment while you’re at church as this will long-term. Although it is not a good idea to partake in actions or activities that fufill you for that moment yet go against Gods word as well not benefit you long-term but only short-term.

We do not have to live in survival mode if we have faith. It is so important to not only believe in your faith but to invest in practice it. This will help you to focus on long-term fulfillment and happiness rather than short-term. Jeff has been issues and can help! Visit or call 918-766-9673 to reach Jeff for a Win Souls member.

Top Tulsa Motivational Preacher | Pursuing A Deeper Faith

If you grew up in a Christian household yet struggle to develop a relationship with God, visit the top Tulsa motivational preacher today. Jeff started Win Souls for people like you and himself. He can relate. He struggled for the majority of his younger life trying to find the passion for God and the church. He struggled with distractions as many of us to at a young age or just in general. Life has many distractions to steer us in other directions but it is important to find not passion to create a genuine solid relationship with God.

Jeff, the top Tulsa motivational preacher can help you do this. He has been in your shoes and now what you’re going through. Many people are ashamed to admit that they are feeling this way. Therefore, they do what they believe a Christian is supposed to do such as go to church. Although they do not practice many things outside of church. We often do not put in the work, the real work but it takes to create a relationship with God; such as spending time alone, praying reading the Bible, or even reading books allow you to understand God and his word better, etc. many people do not realize that church is only the tip of the iceberg.

Here at Win Souls, the top Tulsa motivational preacher can help create a deeper desire to do these things and to have that relationship. Jeff can help you You dive deeper into your faith and create real your relationship with God and the church instead of just a surface level I. Many people are content with their surface level relationship with Christ and the church as they feel they are doing what they’re supposed to buy attending church and many feel this is as deep as it goes. Jeff agreed with this mindset for a long time. He pushed God away for a long time.

Therefore, you are not alone. It is never too late. It is not as if Jeff, the top Tulsa motivational preacher, was born wanting to be a Christian or much less a preacher. He would’ve thought you are crazy if you told him he would be a preacher today. His stories encouraging too many because he did not truly and genuinely find his faith and relationship with God until an older age. Jeff had graduated high school and was waiting to start college when he met his mentor, Frank. Unexpectedly, he met Frank at a kung fu class and this is where his real journey would begin.

The best things really do happen when you are least expecting it. God works like that. He will allow things to fall into your lap at the right time. This day, God knew Jeff was in the right time and place in his life, even in a kung fu class, to be able to listen while being open and receptive. Frank changed Jeff’s life and Jeff can help change yours. Call 918-766-9673 today or start by visiting Win Souls website