At WinSouls we provide the top tulsa motivational preacher in the whole area. WinSouls is built on the foundation of the love of the God. Our purpose is to spread of the word of God to reach as many people as possible. Our founder, Jeff, discovered that the best way to go about reaching people is to start with telling his own stories to others and create that bond between him and his audience. Jeff’s heart and passion to help people has overflowed and he was not satisfied with just reaching the people around him. WinSouls was born for that exact intention. Jeff took advantage of the online platform as a tool for him and his audienced to have that safe space to connect with each other.

WinSouls and our top Tulsa motivational preacher are always here for you anywhere anytime. No matter what kind of a day you are having, we are always just one click away. If you are looking for something to fill the void in your heart, if you’re looking for a pep talk before work, if you are looking for comfort after you have had an argument with your loved ones, if you’re looking for support when you don’t know what to do when your kids are misbehaving, when you feel trapped, when you feel stuck… WinSouls will be your best friend, your teacher, your mentor, listening to you, encouraging you and walking through life’s journey with you.

Our Top Tulsa Motivational Preacher want nothing but the best for you. We want to make sure all our audience can go through life just a little bit easier and we want to learn to how to deal with challenges in life and help you in a long run. Everyone in our team works tirelessly to show you in person how powerful and influencial it can be when you open your heart and let God in. You want to make sure that you are heard. Your pain is real and we know it, we feel it. Let us help you to walk with you with your journey in life. WinSouls is a judge-free safe space so you will never have to be worry about feeling ashamed or feeling embarrassed. Because our motivational preachers all human beings just like me and you. We had went through it all too. We have seen the darkness and had felt what that had done for us; we have also seen the light and felt how deliberating it is to breathe in freedom. We want to help you to get there too! If you would allow us to walk into your life and speak to you. All you have to do is to listen.

Our services are not to exclusive to just online services either. If you are somebody who find comfort through reading books. We have abundance of books options for you to choose and dig deep into the word of God. Visit us at, or contact us at 918-766-9673. We cannot wait to be a part your life journey with you!

Here You’ll Find The Top Tulsa Motivational Preacher!


WinSouls has Top Tulsa Motivational Preacher you have ever imagined. At WinSouls, we provide a variety of different services in our ministry. We are best known for our two channels online where you can find numerous of videos to learn from and listen to that is easily accessible. We also provide books if you are someone who find comfort through books. We have the best collections of books that you can read over a cup of coffee or hot coco. Our line of merchandise are in ministry itself too. People who wear or use merchandise related to God or Jesus, have that lightness about them because the holy spirit has been working on them in their heart and carry most of the weight for them.

Our Top Tulsa Motivational Preacher will speak to you through our online channels as if they are right next to you. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you doing, our channels are just one click away. All you have to do is hop on our website, click on one of our videos, let our motivational preacher speak to you. The rest is between you and God. Keep your heart opened up and allow room for the holy spirit to work on you. We promise you you will see the difference.

Jeff, our founder of WinSouls, is one of the Top Tulsa Motivational Preacher himself. He has so much dedication and passion for reaching people through the word of God because he went through the highs and lows himself too. When he was little, he did not have any relationship with God. Going to church he did recieve anything and was just the check mark he can mark off on his to-do this every week. That’s what happens when you close off your heart to God. Jeff met his mentor when he was in college who soften him to open up and be vulnerable and honest to himself. He knew something was missing and was desperately searching for that something to fill that void. His mentor helped him find it. Jeff started to realize, through Christ nothing is impossible. He cast out all his worries to God and digged deep and hard to open up to God.

Day by day he started to have a real relationship with God, and Jeff was a stronger person than ever before. Today Jeff stopped running and lived into his calling from God, that is to share his testimony with others and motivate them with his stories. Through any of our vidoes, the passion and the love are true and on fire. You don’t have to take my word for it, just click on one of the videos and you will see.

Our team pour our heart out working tirelessly in providing books, different merchandise like clothes line or tupper wear, and online channels. Come visit us at, or contact us at 918-766-9673. We are thrilled to have that opportunity to walk through life’s journeys with you.