Pastor Jeff is an incredible top Tulsa motivational preacher. WinSouls has won countless souls passionate about restoring people in their relationship with God. You will definitely benefit from sitting under Pastor Jeff’s speaking. He offers countless and fresh insight into the Bible and how to live a life full of intimacy with the Lord. He is super passionate about rekindling first love into people and bring people back to Jesus. His own testimony is amazing. He was far off from God for a long time but the Lord kept hounding him as he does. The Lord’s faithfulness was what was constant even when Pastor Jeff was unfaithful. At the end of the day, pastor Jeff loves to point people back to Jesus and the goodness of the Lord. That is what transforms so much of his comps on litigation day after day it’s the goodness of Jesus that is changing his church the people that he speaks to it’s not Pastor Jeff.

If you’re looking for the top Tulsa motivational preacher, definitely look to pastor Jeff WinSouls. Pastor Jeff it WinSouls is incredible really passionate about encouraging and motivating the body of Christ to live out their destiny and their calling. So many Christians are lost and don’t know where to go. So many Christians don’t know the voice of the good Shepherd. That is why pastor Jeff loves to encourage his body. Pastor Jeff takes great pride and joy in the fact that he gets to encourage, uplift, exhort, and pastor countless a people day after day. He’s a traveling speaker specializes in delivering positive, motivational, and encouraging messages. You will definitely benefit from listening to pastor Jeff.

If you have the opportunity to listen to pastor Jeff at WinSouls, you are quickly see that he is the top Tulsa motivational preacher. You will quickly see that it is his giftedness of public speaking, passion, conviction, and genuine joy that draws people to. He will point you back to Jesus. Amazing is the fact that the Holy Spirit falls on his services. Without the grace of pastor Jeff cannot deliver his sermons with such passion. It is a far as bonds and love in his heart that allows pastor Jeff to preach with such fire conviction. You will definitely benefit from listening to pastor Jeff as he shares the from the word of God. You will benefit greatly from a listing to pastor Jeff. You will walk away encourage, refresh, and with conviction.

Pastor Jeff takes great pride and joy that he gets pastor millions of people each day. He is a traveling considering speaker and so if your church would like to listen to pastor just week, definitely reach out to our team today. WinSouls is incredibly passionate about winning souls got in any way. Pastor Jeff is incredibly passionate about restoring the church back to God. So often the church can cheat on the Lord just like the Israelites did in the Old Testament. Little idols in our heart like work, finances, relationships can creep in and it’s time for the Lord to clean house.

That is what pastor Jeff loves to do is rekindle first love and a covenantal relationship with the church. If you like to listen to pastor just week, definitely reach out to our team today here’s our contact info below 9187669673

What Makes A Top Tulsa Motivational Preacher?


If you’re looking for the top Tulsa motivational preacher, definitely follow pastor Jeff at WinSouls. WinSouls has an incredible passion and grace to deliver motivational, encouraging, and convicting messages. He is sure to point to Jesus as Jesus reveals your destiny and purpose. Jeremiah 20 9/11 says that “behold I while I know the plans I have for you. Plans to bless you not to harm you plans to give you a hope and a future.” It is these biblical promises that pastor Jeff emphasizes week after week to his congregation. You will definitely walk away refreshed and encouraged as pastor Jeff points out biblical promises of the Lord has made that he is still faithful to complete.

If you’re feeling lost and don’t know where to go, then definitely follow pastor Jeff at WinSouls. You appointed Jesus as Jesus leads into the abundant life that he has for you. What’s amazing about following Jesus is that Jesus reveals the father. Jesus reveals the love of the father and in fact, Jesus says that he has loved us in the same way that the father has loved him. That means that God the father loves you just as much as he loves Jesus. That is just a mind blowing thought that God loves you a mere human being just as much as he loves his very own son. Another amazing thing that pastor Jeff loves to emphasize the fact and blessing of living a life full of power the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes and comforts you when you need comforting, empowers you when you are feeling weak, and meet you in your place of need. He cannot wait to meet with you and all your place of need and prove to you as all sufficient. He really is enough. If you’re looking for the top Tulsa motivational preacher, definitely got Pastor Jeff with WinSouls.

Pastor Jeff can’t wait to work with you and pointing you back to the Lord. He himself was lost for a long time but it was the faithfulness of Jesus that brought him back. It was the kindness of the Lord that brought pastor just to repentance and you will definitely hear that in his sermons. You will greatly benefit from sitting under pastor Jeff as he shares his life story. We each have a testimony and the amazing parties that God shows up every time. Whether you have a story of pain and brokenness, abuse or neglect, or you grow up and have a great household, the Lord wants to heal the parts of your heart. Pastor Jeff points you back to Jesus where you will experience healing, joy, and restoration of the things that the enemy has stolen. Pastor Jeff pointed to Jesus. He is only capable of doing that. Is the goodness of the Lord that empowers us to keep going day after day. If you’re looking to find the top Tulsa motivational preacher, definitely follow pastor Jeff with WinSouls.

WinSouls has multiple streets were you are able to access the excellent material they have developed. They have a YouTube channel, merchandise, notes, and you can even book pastor Jeff to come and speak your church. Let pastor Jeff encourage you today and you will definitely walk away feeling refreshed, full of joy, and you will have a regain sense of purpose. That is one of the gifting to pastor Jeff walks in.

If you’re tired of living a lackadaisical and lukewarm Christian life then definitely call pastor Jeff with WinSouls. Below is our contact information and we cannot wait to pray for you. 9187669673