At WinSoul, we have Tulsa Motivational Preacher who provides you best tools for you to navigate through life. We are there for you, day or night, rains or shines. We don’t care what age group in, we don’t care where you come from, we don’t care what stages in life you are at. Where are here to help you to move forward with your life into the next step. Fundamentally, WinSouls is built on the word of God. We believe that Jesus who shed his blood for us and died on the cross for us. We want to deliver God’s messages through our online channels or books or our merchandise.

If you live in Tulsa and you’re looking for Tulsa Motivational Preacher, look no further because WinSouls is what you’re looking for! Through our online channels, you can listen to testimonies, stories, sermons. Through those testimonies, stories, sermons… You can find whatever you it is that you need to spark that light in your life again. What’s great about our services is that our motivational preachers are all real people who went through the struggles, who felt the pain, who lived through the darkness, who survived it all and lives a thriving life with spiritual freedom now.

Being the best Tulsa Motivational Preacher, we are not here to judge you in any ways. What’s great about our services is that he gives you the safe space where it is just between you and God, where you can hear from him clearly, and listen to your heart clearly. When you listen to our channels online, it gives you a sense of hope, brightens your day, and lifts you up from whatever it is that’s keeping you from being happy. Our laser focus is to make sure you walk through life with Christ in your heart and to make sure you’re motivated to hit your goal. We want you to grow into the person God created you to be, and we want to grow with you in being part of your journey.

When you walk through life with Christ in your heart, you have already won half the battle. When a believer actually walks the word from God, one can start to experience the life Christ has lived. Our ministry and our services are designed to that exact purpose. Our stories and testimonies are meant for to excit people and puts that motivation in them in pushing them to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve. Our preachers desires nothing but the best for you.

So look no further! We are excited to hear from you and your testmonies. Give us the opportunity to walk with you and be part of your life journey as we are all sons and daughters of God. Visit us at, or contact us at 918-766-9673. Listen to our stories and I promise you your life will be changed!

Did You Know That We Have A Great Tulsa Motivational Preacher


At WinSouls, we provides the best Tulsa Motivational Preacher there is. Our foundation is built on the word of God. We believe in Jesus who shed his blood for us and died for us on the cross. Our services exits for the sole purpose that we want to help people living into their divine purposes. Whether you are a teacher, a firefighter, a fast food worker, a truck driver, or a stay home mom, we know that everyone is looking for that channel or milestones to help them to get to the next stage in life and that’s why we’re here for.

When people think of Tulsa Motivational Preacher, WinSouls is the first one to pop in their mind as far as being authentic and staying true to themselves. At WinSouls, our motivational preachers tells you real stories about real people who went through the struggles just like everyone else, to show you that it is possible. We are there to motivate you through our stories because we get it. We went through the darkness too. We were at the bottom too feeling like there will never be another day. We want to tell you to cast out all your worries to Jesus as he has already won the battles for us.

Jeff, the found of WinSouls, is one of the best Tulsa Motivational Preacher. When Jeff was little, he grew up in a Christain household yet he did not have any realtionship with God because he had closed off himself and did not let anyone in. Going to church with his family was just a check mark marked off the to-do list every week. He did not receive or hear anything from God until he was ready to listen to him. Fourtunately he had a montor who was a great influence to him and little by little, Jeff started to listen. He found out that it was liberating if he had actually put his trust in God. So he started to do so.

His life began to change dramatically in ways he did not even expected. It was so life-changing and he was eagered to share this with others. So Jeff began to speak into other people’s life all around college campus. Thus he began his journey in becoming one of the best motivations prechers in Tulsa. Jeff was fearless, as he knows Jesus has already won the battle. Our services are there to help you realize that. It is beyond amazing what you can do if you open your heart let God in. You are gonna walk through life like a winner, worry-free.

Don’t believe me? Just hop on our website or contact us at 918-766-9673. Listen to our testimonies and stories and I guarantee your life will be changed! You will never have to worry about not hearing from us because we are always there 24/7, day in and day out. Whenever you need us we are right there with you, walking through life side by side.