If you’ve been looking for a Tulsa motivational preacher, then you will find the perfect option with us here at Win Souls. Our preacher, Jeff, is currently in the ministry to help lead other people towards God. You can be sure that through our amazing ministry, we provide hope to those who need it. Jeff knew about God as a young child, but more recently became in relationship with God after spending many years running from him. He now lives in Oklahoma where he films YouTube videos, speaks at churches and events, and writes many books about faith. His amazing ministry looks forward to partnering with many different people and churches to bring hope to people who need it.

If you are looking for the best Tulsa motivational preacher for your event, then we would be a great option. Here at Win Souls, we would love to be the ones that you choose. We have many years of experience in preaching and teaching the Word of God. You can count on us to lead your group in the right direction. You can expect Jeff to teach the truth, and lead others toward God. If you have tried other motivational preachers in the past who let you down, we can promise that will not be us. You can count on us to make a great difference in your group.

We look forward to being a Tulsa motivational preacher for our community. If you want to use our amazing ministry services, then we would love to partner with you. One way that you can partner with us by letting us speak to your group or church. We can promise that your group or church will absolutely love our teachings. We teach straight out of the Bible, and teach in a way that is easy to understand. You can count on us to inspire your group to go deeper in their relationship with God. You will absolutely love our amazing team here at win souls.

Here at win souls, we absolutely love to partner with local church groups. We have been teaching and preaching up many different revivals, youth events, and other events. If you are interested in looking into our amazing ministry, then you should visit our website or our YouTube channel. On our YouTube channel, you will be able to review our teachings and how they line up with your core values. We hope that you view the salad so that you can get to know us better.

You can visit our amazing website, where you can get to know Jeff and his story, at winsouls.net. Please read all about the amazing ministry opportunities that we have and how we can help lead your church. We also hope that you give us a call at 918-766-9673 if you want to speak with Jeff about anything ministry or God related. He will be able to answer any questions he might have and lead you in the right direction. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at win souls, so that we can have a great impact on your life and church group.

Want To Hire A Tulsa Motivational Preacher To Speak To Your Youth Group?


If you are searching for the Tulsa motivational preacher just for you, then you should visit our amazing ministry at win souls. We are local to Oklahoma and have been leading many different groups, individuals, and churches to follow God. Our preacher, Jeff, grew up knowing about God, but chose to walk away from him during the early parts of his life. More recently, he began to learn more about having relationship with God and studying the Bible. He believes that God placed a desire in his heart to start a ministry to help lead others towards him.

We have many different ministry opportunities as the Tulsa motivational preacher. We truly are looking forward to partnering with many individuals and churches across the country. We love to partner with the searches to come lead a special event at their church. We have experience in leading large and small groups alike. You can count on us to truly lead your group or church for the teachings of the Bible and the word of God. We are able to travel to any destination so that we can be with your team face-to-face. We want to be able to see the impact that God is using us to inspire you. Our goal is to be able to connect with you and your group and give you tangible steps in furthering your relationship with God.

As the Tulsa motivational preacher, we have written many different books. If you are interested in learning more about our ministry and God, then we recommend reading some of our amazing books that we have written. We truly believe that these books have a great impact on your relationship with God. We believe that God inspired all of the writings in these books so that you will learn how to live and relate netter to him. We do not want to be silent about the things that God is doing in our lives, which is why we write them down so that you are able to read them. We hope that they will inspire you in impact you to know more.

One other amazing ministry opportunity that we have is through our YouTube channel. On YouTube, we create content that is available for anyone and everyone to learn about the word of God. There are many other terrible things out there on the Internet, which is why we want to provide some hope and light. We hope that is anyone comes across our YouTube channel that they are pointed directly towards God. We try to provide content on a regular basis so that those who follow us are able to learn more and more each week. We want the world to see the light that God gives us and hopefully they will choose to follow him.

No matter what ministry opportunity that you want to be involved in, we hope that you get in contact with us. Please visit our website, winsouls.net, to learn more about our ministry. You can also give us a call at 918-766-9673 for any questions you might have.