Are you looking for Tulsa motivational preacher to help transfer the souls of the people from darkness to light? If so we can help you win souls. We are here to bring the cells back to Jesus Christ and help get you back on the right track to eternal life. We understand that challenges in life can often take you off course. This is Satan’s plan for your life and often one of his tools/tactics to gain souls. As a motivational speaker we are able to influence people in such a way that gives the ability to stand up and fight again.

We absolutely love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ which is why as a Tulsa motivational preacher we have dedicated all of our time to the Lord Jesus Christ and his seed amongst the earth. The Scriptures is greater is he that is in the world. We stand on that principle firmly here. We believe that at the particular right time, season, and with the right words being spoken unto God’s seed that their souls will be uplifted and their spirit man will be awaken again. The whole purpose of our ministry is to make sure that we are saving God’s people. If you are in the Tulsa area you are hosting a seminar, event, or training you are needing a Christian-based motivational preacher, and uplifts the lives of the people connect with us today.

Jeff is a Tulsa motivational preacher who has dedicated his life to Jesus Christ. What better time to motivate God’s elect in the Tulsa Oklahoma area besides right now? In order to turn people from darkness to light, from satan to saved people need to understand that you are able to relate to their daily struggles in their pain points in life. Jeff is a motivational preacher who has always known the Lord Jesus Christ. We help motivate those who were once passionate about Christ Jesus but somewhere along the road became discouraged. We also speak to those who have never known Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior to have them come into relationship with him.

Our main focus is to continue to live God’s people but also to gain God’s people who are still lost. In this day and time it is so important to us that people truly know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and have an actual relationship with him. We list up there is the word of, that holds true power of any stronghold person may be facing. In more than these just being words that we recite they are words that are full of life and that we have used ourselves in many different challenges that we have faced throughout our lifetime they have proved every time to be just as powerful as they were when they were written.

If you are looking to transform your own life, or book us for an upcoming event please visit us at or give us a call at 918-766-9673.

What’s The Deal With This Tulsa Motivational Preacher?

Tulsa motivational preacher that still believes that Jesus is King. We definitely believe so, in fact we absolutely know so. If you have an upcoming seminar, event, or workshop and you are in need of a motivational speaker who has committed his life to Jesus Christ we can help. Invite Jeff to speak to your team.

As a Tulsa motivational speaker in Christ Jesus our core focus is to help people gain relationship with God. We focused on figuring out what your struggle points are in how we can best help you gain a more clear understanding of exactly who Jesus Christ is to be pleasing to him out of your ways. We also get the help that you need in order to heal from past traumas. We help you discover what God has to say in his word about your past situations and how God truly feels about you. We want each and every one of the people’s lives we impact to know that God truly loves you and that he is waiting on you to get back your relationship with him. Jeff empowers people to go and find their place in Christ Jesus. He shows there the journey that led him back to Christ Jesus and that ultimately saved his life.

We had many of different avenues that you can access Jeff as a Tulsa motivational speaker. You can access him by having him speak at one of your local events where you can also listen to his many of videos about himself and Christ Jesus, and the journey of their relationship on his YouTube channels. This is for the convenience of those who have found light and the impact that Jeff has had on their lives and would like to continue to learn more from him but may or may not be local. Perhaps, they are local made due to a busy schedule they would like to be able to see more of him on the go.

The Lord has called Jeff to speak into the lives of many people do more important to spread his word. He has impacted many lives in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and many more areas through his YouTube channel. He is a motivational speaker of Jesus Christ the more importantly he is motivated for Jesus Christ and the word of the Lord lives within. Jeff discovered his gift to be able to impact people I simply talking to people and watch the impact that it had on their lives but was called to spread his word. He stands on his firm goals to win souls, and equip the church to take on their position in this world.

If you would like to meet Jeff in person have to come out and speak at one of your events and spread the word of God to uplift your team then get in touch with us today at our website or feel free to call us at 918–766–9673.