If you’re looking to get your life back on track and you’re looking to pursue God again, then definitely follow pastor Jeff. Pastor Jeff has an incredible gift that being one of the Tulsa motivational preacher. He really can get you back on your feet and he is an excellent speaker. As incredibly passionate, funny, and a great communicator. Will definitely learn a lot. So often in our walk with God we can feel discouraged and disconnected. Sometimes, all we need of you back on track. That is why pastor Jeff loves to motivate people to get there life back with God. We are promise that if we pursue the kingdom of God and his righteousness everything else will fall into place. And that is why pastor Jeff encourages his people to fall in love with Jesus first and so that they the rest of their life will come in the place.

Pastor Jeff emphasizes often that is Jesus is good and he is merely the messenger. Pastor Jeff is one of the most incredible speakers. If you’re looking for a Tulsa motivational preacher then definitely follow pastor Jeff at WinSouls. WinSouls is incredibly passionate about number one winning souls, but also restoring people back in their relationship with the Lord through healthy relationships with people. God created us for community and so often we can neglect it busyness of life and work etc. However, God created us to be community be assisting community that we often are able to connect with one another and experience the relational side of God. Pastor Jeff has an incredible passion for seeing people be restored in their relationship with Jesus as they go through life. If you get any chance to listen to him you will definitely noticed his passion and the gift of speaking that is on his life. If you’re looking for a Tulsa motivational preacher, look no further than pastor Jeff at WinSouls.

Jeff cannot wait to preach because he’s incredibly passionate. His ministry has helped countless of people get their life back on track. WinSouls has won countless souls and has definitely impacted the kingdom of God in a great way. Your sure to experience the love and grace that is released through WinSouls. WinSouls has a passion for restoring motivation, passion, and conviction to the life of a believer. So often the world can attack and kind of went away our love for the Lord. Pastor Jeff and WinSouls has a passion for rekindling that first love it the Lord wants and his children. If you’re needing motivation, or life direction, then definitely look for Tulsa motivational preacher Jeff at WinSouls.

You will definitely benefit from listening to him because he’s an incredibly gifted speaker. He has great points and great advice. He has a unique perspective and his testimony has impacted countless people. With multiple ministries that are able to help you, you are sure to benefit from looking in their direction. When you come to this point in your life where you want nothing more than to know Jesus and have him know you then you will definitely be exactly where he wanted to be. And if he is pointing in the direction of WinSouls, then go ahead and follow through.

For more information getting into touch with pastor Jeff and his team, you feel free to visit our website or give us a call today. We cannot wait to pray with you. Here is our contact info, 9187669673 winsouls.net.

How Does A Tulsa Motivational Preacher Motivate?


We understand that life can’t bumpy sometimes. We understand that sometimes you can lose your way and lose a vision and purpose for your life. Some days you feel like you have it and others feels like you don’t. That is why Pastor Jeff is so passionate about encouraging people and motivating them to pursue the Lord. Pastor Jeff is an amazing Tulsa motivational preacher. He has a gift of public speaking and you will definitely walk away encourage from his sermons. There’s a gift on his life to transform and rekindle first love and individuals who sit under his teaching. Your sure to walk away encourage and motivated to pursue the purpose and life that God has for you. God did not create you to be lost. In fact he created you to be found and live the abundant life he died for. So many Christians are lacking love, passion, and conviction. And that is why pastor Jeff with WinSouls is so fiery and passionate about bringing the word of God to his church. If you’re looking for motivational preacher, then look no further than pastor Jeff.

If you’re looking for the best Tulsa motivational preacher, then definitely get into contact with pastor Jeff at WinSouls. He’s incredibly gifted and he will love to pray for you. Your sure to walk away with fresh insight and new motivation to pursue the life of the Lord has for you. The Lord did not die for you to live a lackadaisical life. He died for you so you could be born again and access all that he has for you. Let me tell you this camp, you can’t do it alone. You can’t do it on your own strength or in your own wisdom. For there is a way that seems right to a man but at in weight and in death. The only way for you to access the abundant life of the Lord has for you is to follow Jesus. For the best Tulsa Motivational preacher follow Pastor Jeff.

Pastor Jeff understands this and he wants you to follow Jesus closely. After all, he is the good Shepherd and you are the sheep. The team at WinSouls incredibly passionate about restoring and reconciling people back to God. Even Christians can have bad ideas about God. So many people believe that yet he’s a father but he’s only father that wants to discipline me or maybe he’s angry at me or maybe he’s not proud or ashamed to me or or stuff like that. But so often people can have perspective of God as well.Pastor Jeff at WinSouls is an amazing Tulsa Motivational Preacher.

And this comes with the washing of his work. Were not to be transformed to the were not to be conformed to the patterns of this world worked transformed by the renewing of our minds to the washing of the word of God. Pastor Jeff preaches the word of God without shame and this restores and rekindles a proper perspective on the Godhead. Through the word of God your God is a father and he loves you.

He is extremely proud of the essence. And he is willing to quite literally go through hell for you. He loves you so much and pastor Jeff instill this in his congregation each week. Your sure to benefit from the best Tulsa motivational preacher there is. If you like to get into contact with pastor Jeff and Steve definitely contact their team today. Here is our contact info, 9187669673 winsouls.net.