Also motivational preacher, Jeff had a lovely upbringing. Though he grew up in a great how he never had a strong faith or relationship with God. It’s not that he didn’t want one he just never took the necessary steps to have one. Although, he found himself wanting one more and more. Always wondering what it would be like when it consisted of. Although, this was later in life. His story is very relatable to many people. Growing up, it is hard to prioritize life in general. Faith is often intimidating to young people as it seems like such a commitment and always. Kids and young adults often run from it without even being aware of.

Jeff, the Tulsa motivational preacher, at Win Souls grew up in the state of Georgia and attended a public school. Although he grew up attending a Baptist church, most of his classmates did not attend church and most would not consider themselves very religious. Those that did consider themselves Christians most often did not live a very godly life. This probably contributed to Jeff’s low motivation to pursue a further relationship with the church and God; he saw many people around him found it to be not very important.

Although this Tulsa motivational preacher did not have the ideal story of other preachers, he is better for it. As many people are, his peers and himself were caught up in life. Only focusing on themselves, their appearance, or popularity, boys, girls, etc.
At this age, kids often live in the moment and are looking for where the sun is or temporary fun or happiness. Religion often does not come to mind when kids are seeking these things. At this point in Jeff’s life, a relationship with God was on his priority list.

As mentioned, he attended a Baptist church in Georgia with his parents every Sunday. Although, Jeff was not attending church for himself. He was not interested in learning or growing in his faith nor pursuing a genuine relationship with God. Jeff attended church when he was young, to please his parents. Attending church also made them feel as if he had done his duty or good deed for the week. Jeff compares it to checking a box off the checklist. You feel good about it and feel you accomplish something good yet the sermon would be in one ear and out the other. Many people feel like church is a good reset/ start to their week.

Although, they do not follow through with what they supposedly went there; don’t follow through with it sometimes even a day, most times not a week, and very rarely forever. This is actually how many people live without even realizing it and that is okay but it is important to bring light and attention to it. Therefore, many people were able to/ have been able to relate to Jeff and his story. Check out about Jeff’s story and ministries at or call 918-766-9673 to get in touch with a Win Souls team member.

Tulsa Motivational Preacher | Why Do You Attend Church?

Tulsa motivational preacher, Jeff, grew up attending a Baptist church every week with his family, although the word of God itself was foreign to him. His actions and lifestyle do not reflect the Bible at all. Can you relate? Did you grow up in a Christian household yet struggle to relate and reflect to Claude and his word? Was going to church simply part of the weekly routine? Did you/ do you attend church to please your parents, your spouse, or others? Or do you attend church to check the box or market of the to do list for the week?

Jeff, Tulsa motivational preacher at Win Souls can relate. He grew up in a Christian based home although struggle to find a genuine relationship with God but struggled to even find a genuine want, need, or pull towards a relationship with God and the church. Like many others, he would attend church on Sundays but it his daily life did not reflect this; this does not mean he was a bad kid or into bad things. Many people attend church yet Hill to realize their daily lives do not reflects this. We often give God one hour a week (church on Sundays) where sometimes we are not even mentally, emotionally, or spiritually present. Sometimes we feel showing up is enough. The other hundreds of hours in the week are spent on ourselves and our personal wants and needs a lot the time.

Tulsa motivational preacher, Jeff knows what this is like. We let other things take our attention such as what we think we want and need more problems we may be facing this week. We tend to immediately take things into her hands instead looking to God or even reflecting on church service we attended this week. Although, this is when we should do this the most. This is when we should be looking to God and word to ask is this really what I want or need? Or again, looking to God and his word when faced with problems to find a better solution then impulsively jumping into action and taking things into our own hands.

So often we are focused on our own wants and needs but we do not even see Gods wants or needs for us. We often do this subconsciously and I am on this because his wants and needs for us do not always line up with the wants and needs we have for ourselves. Jeff, like many spent a little time living this way as well. Many people only realize this they have achieved their wants and needs only to feel unfulfilled.

Only then, do we realize that God is the one who truly knows what we want and need. He knows the desires of our heart. If you have reached this place life, it is not too late. If you have reached this place yet but you can relate, it is not late before you do. Get in contact with Win Souls by visiting or by calling 918-766-9673.