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God has truly given us a vision for the purpose of this page. While so many people see it as just a way to make money, we want you to know that we truly see it as a catalyst. First of all, yes, it definitely helps to support our ministry and the amazing calling that God has put on our life. We utilize the funds from this to be able to reach as many people as possible. We would never deny this. However, it accomplishes something far greater than that. We remember years ago when we would see T-shirts from our local church or see that someone was wearing the “What Would Jesus Do” bracelets. In that moment, what it would do in our own life was be a moment where we stopped being fixated on the cares of this world, and we turned our focus to the power and the truth of God. It caused us to think. It caused us to ask questions. The merchandise that we sell is intended to do the same thing. We want it to be a spark in someone’s mind that truly leads them to a moment of thinking about or pondering or taking a next step in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We truly believe that as people like you and like us wear this merchandise out in the world, that we are becoming walking invites. We are becoming people who, just by walking around and engaging in an open community, actually are utilizing our clothes on our bodies to be able to point people to Jesus.

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We know how crazy life is these days. We know how ambivalent people are to talking to strangers. I have some friends who have children. They always talk about how their children make friends so easily. When they take them to the playground, their children go out and make friends very fast. They always come back and say mom, dad, I’ve made a new best friend. My friends and I are always blown away when we see their children accomplish this. As we grow up though, adults seem to get more self protective. We as adults seem to go more internal because of judgments that we experience and the opinions that people have that are so readily available on social media and through the media.

Because of this, we tend to communicate less with the people around us. While there are differing perspectives on whether this is good or not, we tend to believe that a conversation is the best way to get to know someone. We tend to believe that engaging with someone, is the best way to be able to minister to someone. However, this is not always a possibility. Because of that, we want to be a walking billboard. We want to be someone who clothes ourselves in the message that we want to communicate to the world around us. As you put on a hat or a T-shirt or wear a jacket or anything else that you used to be able to represent yourself, we know that if your clothing and your appearance has our information attached to it, then our prayer is that it is going to cause someone somewhere to be turned towards Jesus. Our prayer is that it will be a catalyst and a spark in someone’s heart and in their mind that God uses to change the course that they are on. We truly believe that as we are bold with the clothes we wear and we represent ourselves with the messages that we want to communicate to people, then God will use those messages to change marriages. God we use those messages to lead people to Him. God will use those messages to spark something in their minds that point them to Him. This is the purpose. This is the goal. We are very passionate about this and confident that as you support us through purchasing our merchandise, that this will be the outcome.

We are so excited to be able to hear and share story after short story of someone who came to know Jesus and took that next step in their walk with Christ because they saw someone just like you wearing a T-shirt that talked about the love of God. Take this step of faith with us today. Support us not only financially but also in the purpose of our merchandise ministry. Purchase something today, but don’t stop there. We don’t want you to purchase it so that it stays in your closet. We want to encourage you, purchase it today and then wear it into your community. In a world where there are so many controversial things happening, and everyone is constantly scrutinizing each other and bring harsh judgments, we invite you to stand up. Be a light in your community. The Bible says to let your light shine before all men so that they can see your good works and glorify the father in heaven. We believe that as you put on this clothing and as you wear this merchandise, that you truly will be living this out. The Bible also says that you do not light a lamp and hide it under a bushel, but you hold it high for all to see. A light was meant to be seen. A light was meant to eliminate the darkness. We truly believe that our merchandise is intended to be a light in this world. Our merchandise is intended to be a light that shines bright for all to see. Would you partner with us in this today? Would you take the step of faith and not just purchase some of our merchandise, but also wear it and use it to minister to people about the Gospel. We strongly encourage you to wear it out and take pictures of yourself. Posted to our channel. Show us the steps of faith that you are taking in order to be a light to the community around you. As you do this, we know that there will be story after story of life change that is going to come forth. God bless you.